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Throttle Body Help

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I need to know the EXACT OUTLET SIZE (were you put your Air intake on) of a TYPE R throttle body. I know the INLET SIZE is 62MM. But does anyone know the outlet size?


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i'm not 100% sure but shouldn't it be the same?
Thats what I want to know to
First, the INLET of the TB is on the filter side....
If you check some honda TB size chart, the TypeR is 62mm(outlet).
Honda TB are taper: I have a prelude TB and the inlet is 62mm and the outlet is 60mm.

What do you really want to know?
-The inside diameter of the inlet side or the outside diameter of the inlet side?
Ok sorry. I would lik to know the INLET diameter of the Throttle body (the part were the AIR intake is put on)
I dont know for sure but the I.D. should be between 64-65 mm assuming that my prelude tb have a 2mm taper....
With the taper you mean the differences between the inlet and the oulet? I taught it had to be the same
I have a ITR throttle body with a ouletdiameter of the inlet of 62MM and a inletdiameter of the inlet of 66MM. I want to put it on a edelbrock intake manifold (62mm oulet) do you think this is bad for the flow because the inlet diameter of the inlet (66mm) is so big?
Mouhahaha you ask the Q but you already know the answer !!!?!?!?! lol
There is a reason why honda put a taper on their is like a velocity stack on your intake system...

The ITR TB is a PERFECT match with your edelbrock intake!!!!

Install your ITR TB on your edelbrock intake, open the butterfly and put your finger in to check if the transition between the TB and the IM is smooth.....I have an edelbrock IM, but when I mesure the inlet, I only get 61.xx mm....that's why I pick a 60mm tb!
Prelude tb cost<itr tb!
I think mine is bored. The oulet diameter is 62. but the inlet is 66. You think I can use it on my edelbrock intake? I dont have the intake manifold here so I cant say. What do you guys thin about the flow?
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