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93 4d lx, z6,ported, port matched, compression bumped, balanced, manual swap
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So I have a block out for darton sleeve, i also came upon a y8 head that was entirely stock, ~ 220k miles, from the scrap yard, I ported that in case I can't find a suitable 3 stage head, I figure the swirl effect along with a custom cam will make it work in a pinch. so far i have the z6 block, d17a2 crank, d16 eagle rods (narrowed for d17 crank), wiseco d17 forged pistons(-14.4cc) a ac log type manifold, 660cc e85 compliant injectors, 225lph e85 compliant fuel pump, aeromotive rising rate fpr, smanager tuning with hondata v3 chip, wideband o2 sensor and associated gauges and electronics.
Hoping to get the Thompson stroke motor to testing/ carb compliant by early 2022.
It should be noted at this point that I'm after average mpg for MY commute. NOT power or MAX torque, just an easy to drive efficient DD that can hold its own.
As I am in CA the emissions test will end up deciding if im legal or not, so I plan on a recirculating pcv system, gapless top ring, balancing, ect, to provide the best possible atomization for each cam profile, which Intake i use will depend on which(b7, z6,y8) manifold atomizes best with the afore mentioned modifications.
I have roughly 14 months to complete planning and building or I default to another mildly built z6, which ain't bad, but for a gearhead leaves a bit to be desired .
21 - 24 of 24 Posts