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this is annoying - water pump

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seeing what the manual says... in order for me to replace the water pump... i have to...


timing belt
left motor mount

and move the power steering thing. Is there anything in those steps that i can get away without doing? or do i HAVE to remove all those things? and the next question is... for a quick answer - how much would water replacement cost (labor wise - if i can provide the pump) ?
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I changed the one on my CRX without taking the motor mount off. Only because I reused my old belt since it wasnt very old. so in my case I just had to remove the timing cover, slip the belt off, and swap out the old pump for a new one. Then reassemble.
The timing belt & water pump are critical to the d engine .. it's best to do them both at the same time because of their proximity. I've done engine swaps & day to day repairs .. This is one thing I see as worth paying a mechanic. It shouldn't cost more than $350.
I had the belt and pump replaced when I had the JRSC put in. AFAIK, he didn't have to remove the motor mount to replace.

so do you guys think 200 bucks is a good price to replace a timing belt and water pump... given that i provide the water pump?
price of water pump $35
price of timing belt $40

doing it yourself $0

you could save alot...
price of water pump $35
price of timing belt $40

doing it wrong $new engine

you could run your valves into your pistons like woah...

If you're not exactly sure what you're doing, take it to someone. And yes, to get the new timing belt on you'll need to undo the driver side motor mount.
1 think i have learned from working on cars, if u r not comfortable or confident that u can do it, have someone else do it and have them teach u if they would
i know i could save alot... i've been contemplating this for a while... and yeah, i'm not too comfortable with this - not having the tools... etc. bleh. but yeah - so, is that price ok?
sounds fair to me. if you dont have the tools, dont do it. or buy the tools with the money you would spend on labor.
when my pump went out, i just threw a new one on and reused the belt. didnt even loosen the tensioner, just pry'd the belt off, then put it back on the same way. still runs great to this day :smile:
All you ever need to about working on your engine/car is contained in easy to follow, step by step instructions WITH accompanying diagrams in your Helms manual. Oh, wait! You don't have one? Well, that's your problem! Buy/download one, get the tools and parts you'll need, and do it yourself.
^^^^... great sarcasm. i have a manual... hmm... i'm going to have to check that out... (ryan's post)
sounds fair to me. if you dont have the tools, dont do it. or buy the tools with the money you would spend on labor.
Now that sounds like the way to go! Craftsman mechanics tool set for $50 and up...
The $200 does not sound to bad as far as having someone do it for you. Just be sure to use a mechanic that has been recomended by someone you trust. My friend had the timing belt and waterpump done at a local parts store that does maintenance work. They put his car back together out of time and fudged the motor up big time.....
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