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Wiseco Piston & Ring Sets
Wiseco’s pistons outgun cast and Hypereutectic pistons, giving you stronger pistons and tighter tolerances than any other part in your engine, with less internal and external machining. Our advanced forging process and extensive heat-treat and finishing process assure you of the performance and reliability you demand from your engine. On and off the street, you can depend on the maximum strength and minimum variance of Wiseco’s aluminum-forged pistons for your vehicle.

Kits Include:
2618 Extruded material & forged for the maximum strength available.
Precision tolerances CNC machining for quality, repeatability & performance.
Crown thickness and ring lands designed for power adders such as forced induction (Turbo's & Superchargers) & nitrous oxide. Higher compression pistons generally designed for naturally aspirated applications.
High Quality Piston Rings featuring alloy steel construction on top ring, cast iron tapered face on 2nd & 3pc oil assembly utilizing stainless expander & carbon steel rails.
Wrist Pins constructed of chrome moly steel material for ultimate strength.
Honed/Reamed pin bore holes for a precise tolerance fit between wrist pin & piston.

Wire circlip lock featuring chrome silicon material for the ultimate yield strength.
Piston deburred for performance & reliability.

1. Most Wiseco pistons have offset pins. Pins must be offset the same as OE - Pin offset will be opposite of direction of engine rotation.
2. FRM bores must be "touch honed" with special Sunnen tooling per their recommendations.
- All numbers shown are in inches. Weight is in Grams and may vary from listed.
- Pistons listed with a compression range: Low number is with un-cut deck, high number is with block decked .030 piston to head clearance.
- Always check piston to valve clearance - if using VTEC or like mechanisms, check with longer duration, higher lift lobe.
- Always run at least .030 piston to head clearance including head gasket thickness.
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