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The Silver Sleeper 300+ build

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Ok I think it's time to stated my build thread.

So last year February i got my a 2000 EX coupe, silver and it was auto, but my idea was to turbo the auto and make around 300hp out of it. While attending school UTI that is, I was doing research and started to get bored driving the stock car, so I looked into doing a few upgrades, I wanted to get a chipped p28, bigger throttle body, intake and exhaust. The p28 idea on a auto ek was too expensive and my idea of upgrading a auto car got bash on here lol. So I swapped it to 5sp. Got exhaust and intake. Chipped a ecu and ended up selling that combo so someone who really need it as I had to change my intake manifold to get my car to idle.

I time went by and I did more research I changed i few stuff and my hp goal, 1st goal was stock head, stock bore with vitara and eagles for around 300hp.
I had acquire a spare block and then a spare head so everything changed, and I as go around I got greedy and changed a few stuff also.
My aim is now around 350-400 DD and the car changed also. Now doing this in a 99 EX Sedan. Silver and auto yet again lol :bigok:

so my specs are so far:
y8 head port and polished
supertech valve springs and retainers
Crower Stage 2 cam may change to a delta 272-2 or a custom grind of my specs :rockon:

Bottom half D16Y5 block (local , got complete long block for $50) spun bearing
Decked 0.005" for proper headgasket seal
ARP head studs( Murrays Speed shop in orlando)
75.5mm Vitara Pistons(thanks to go-autoworks, need a sticker from you guys though)
FJR Spec Rods
OEM Y8 pump to be ported(Thanks to Sammo115)
Z6 Crank Micropolished and balanced
ACL race main bearing and thrust washer
Clevite rod bearings
Flywheel resurface and balanced
Z6 Crank pulley balanced

Other parts
OEM headgasket
OEM oil seals
Gates replacement Timing Kit
Gates Thermostat
Bisimoto Thermal Intake Manifold Gasket
Stock Y8 Manual intake manifold( thanks to civicdxude on here)
Energy suspension motor mount inserts
Competition Stage 4 Clutch
Stock S40 y8 Tranny
Prosport Digital 30psi Boost gauge
Have a stock evo 9 fuel pump and also a walbro. Gonna use the walbro

Was a td05-16g from a evolution 9
Now its a MHI TD06-20G :D
Yet to order intercooler, cast iron manifold and intercooler piping. All will be ebay
Need to order oil feed lines
Looking some 780-880cc injectors. Wanted to Siemens Deka 80lbs.
And I think I left of some stuff :dots:

But hope you guys like.
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Yeah its hard to restore head lights in a place like florida the SUN is HARSH to cars. Sounds nuts but your dash and head liner will get messed up if your windows arent tinted or you dont put a sun shade when you park....

OP Keep up the good work!!!
Why can't you just run a walbro 255??? I don't think you will ever need more pump then that...
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