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Have you heard before about D1 Grand Prix in Japan? As you could have guessed easily, it is a racing event for professional drifters (yes, you can actually make legal money out of it.) For those who know about it, names like Daigo Saito and Yuki Matsui might sound familiar.

By the way, Croooober is one of the sponsors for Team Up Garage. You can check more about our team HERE (sorry, Japanese only.) Since the Kick Off in January, we had a full schedule up until late October. Our driver, Kazuya Taguchi, got that serious once that he crashed his cellphone. How? Well, basically he forgot about it on top on his Silvia S15 when getting ready, and went full throttle to the circuit. When he realized that the phone was gone, he started checking and asking all around. One of the circuit staff members found it... in the circuit.

You can get an idea of the speed in the circuit HERE

Or just enjoy the cars!

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