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the "Im a noob, so Im gonna thread jack and revive dead threads" thread

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Hello, I’m new to this; I’ve been reading different forums for a while ( in btwn work, sleep, bad weather & wrkn on my Civic), yet never followed any. This is the first one In following. I have a 92 civic Sedan (VTEC) that I’ve been working on; I bought it from this young dude who didn’t appreciate/know what he had, and I need some assistance from ppl who either have one & worked on them; or helped out a buddy with repairs (OEM) or Mods (Aftermarket).

Currently, I’m looking for BETTER shocks and struts than I have now; no coil overs ( streets here aren’t good enough for this ), and the rear of my car is sitting lower than the front, trying to figure this one out. I want to install a Rear Lower Control Arm Subframe Brace, but I have to figure out why the rear is sitting lower than the front…first.

I’m running headers w/o a cat, but looking for a Better setup as well. Lastly, my ABS light stays on; I’ve bled the entire system twice, obviously this hasn’t helped (there appears to be another fluid reservoir, below the proportioning valve, near the transmission fluid reservoir). Recently purchased wheel speed sensors (which look nothing like the ones that came on the vehicle), I have yet to install them; work, sleep, bad weather.
Any suggestion/assistance would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance, Peace✌🏽.
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Hi I need to know the connectors pins details for d16y4 or same harness, the only thing I want to know its connectors details.. names and what's colour the connectors for..
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