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ive read just about every post about this on every darn site i know of, but i came across something interesting or at least debateable. im sure weve all heard the issue that non-dampened crank pulleys like unorthodox (where there is no rubber in the pulley to absorb shock) cause premature crank bearing wear, right? well i have read a debateable argument on this; this writer says most of the issues were crank bearings wearing due to excessive shock but every complainer of this issue had ps,a/c, and alternators still in, thus a 3 belt pulley. so this guy goes on the say that the stress of 3 belts rotating without harmony on 1 undampened pulley causes for a bit of bearing stress but if someone were to remove their a/c and ps, switch to a balanced non-dampened pulley that has the capability of only 1 belt (the alternator belt) then the stress is virtually nonexistent. he goes on to argue that the ctr pulley from honda is a 1 belt pulley (again, only the alternator belt) and has no rubber for dampening. now the ctr may have better crank bearings, but i think his argument is decently valid... so what do you guys think? valid argument or not? well i'll be putting this to the test this weekend when i remove my a/c and ps and install my new unorthodox single belt (alternator only), undampened pulley. i went with the $150 one
instead of the $35 ebay one to prove that whatever happens, it is not a low quality, unbalanced piece. i am pieceing together the rest of the small parts for the turbo kit, so i have some time to see over a few months time for review. some people claim to have crank bearing problems within a month or two. again, i bought the unorthodox pulley which only has a spot for the alternator belt. (btw, unorthodox's website claims this is the most streetable pulley they make, i wonder why?) i will post pics of the install this week...

oh and this guys last line cracks me up; "we all know someone who knows someone, or have read a post from someone we dont know, who knows someone that the crank issue has happened to. -the knowledge of a dumbass spreads like a wildfire. let me be the first to say... i call bullshit."

but seriously doesnt this hold some merit?
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