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Teaser pic

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I got some new shoes for the coupe, figured i'd throw up a teaser before i got them installed. SSR Comp's, w00t w00t!
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lol....yes i got all 4.
what tires u wrappin em with?
215/40 Yokahoma a520's.
Teaser pics *Updated with new pics*

I changed up the SSR's a little bit, i think they will be a perfect match on the coupe. Here are some new pics, let me know what you guys think......

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Here are a few pics of the coupe......

The polished lip look wore off in a hurry for me, it got old after a few weeks so i wanted something different. I think black SSR's will go well with all the carbon fiber, trying to keep things simple and clean.
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Nah havent really had any thoughts about blacking out the intercooler, kinda like it how it is. Im going to powder coat the mesh on the bumper black so its not as noticeable.
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