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Picked up 98 EX auto mani+TB+sensors $20 and have had an idle issue since I've put in on my "96 civic dx 5spd with D16y7" I have rechecked vaccum lines and gaskets at least 5 times, replaced both o2 sensors! Still the problem remains. A fellow member suggested checking the idle adj screw.

I went to check for the Idle Adj. Screw-above the intake on the TB closer to the firewall- I find a threaded hole with no screw!

Would this be the source of my problems?
Where can I get an Idle Adj. Screw?
Can I buy just any screw provided it fits?
IF YES TO ABOVE- what size would I be looking for?

Thank You for your help!!

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its your problem
get one at the junkyard
no you need the honda screw to control the port properly (i believe)
you mine as well just go get the proper screw because its guaranteed to work and will probably cost less
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