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I just installed this system on my 96 EX the other night.

Install was a PITA b/c I had hella trouble getting the old exhaust off, but that was the LEAST of my problems. I bought this exhaust from a friend that had the exhaust on his 98 DX. Well the CAT placement is different on these cars and we didn't realise this till we were mounting the exhaust in my car. To shortin this up a little, I had to take the CAT out in order for it to even bolt on my car in the first place. So we removed my exhaust, CAT and all and installed the tanabe. I threw a code, the car was running rich as hell @ idle, but was fine @ WOT.

Because the exhaust wasn't made to bolt directly to my header, I had to rig it up and had a major exhaust leak. Then while installing the axle back portion, the damn gasket snapped in 2, so we didn't put that in either. ANOTHER leak.

I went out for a test drive and altho it sounded like total crap it absolutely RIPPED through the end of 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Got the cat welded in, fixed both leaks and it made the car sound much better and still retained the power.

For 200 bux, a big PITA labor wise....I'm happy. :D
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