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Take your B and SHOVE IT!

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So I lined up with an EG hatch today. We rolled on it from mid secondish. We were neck and neck all the way to 100mph or so then there was a car coming up in front of him so we let off. We pulled into the Tim Hortons, I don't know this guy from a whole in the ground. I knew it wasn't a D, I have a 92 Si and my EF destroys it. So we were shooting the shit and the guy asks me what I had. So I told him mild D build all honda except for the I/H obvoiusly, and he shit. Then he started looking for NOS. I am like dude. It is minus ten in the middle of January, even if I had NOS I wouldn't be using it. So buddy is all freaking out because my $800 D was neck and neck with his $3000 B. I love my D!:)
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D-rule all! But i gotta give crazy props to the B18C tho, thats one fuckin monster of a B. I know a kid with an EG hatch with I/H/E and street tuned and he was wasting muscle last summer like it was nothing. But there are always variables... this kid can drive this car like no one else tho. An awesome driver can make a crappy car fast and a crappy driver can make an awesome car slow...
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