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Take your B and SHOVE IT!

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So I lined up with an EG hatch today. We rolled on it from mid secondish. We were neck and neck all the way to 100mph or so then there was a car coming up in front of him so we let off. We pulled into the Tim Hortons, I don't know this guy from a whole in the ground. I knew it wasn't a D, I have a 92 Si and my EF destroys it. So we were shooting the shit and the guy asks me what I had. So I told him mild D build all honda except for the I/H obvoiusly, and he shit. Then he started looking for NOS. I am like dude. It is minus ten in the middle of January, even if I had NOS I wouldn't be using it. So buddy is all freaking out because my $800 D was neck and neck with his $3000 B. I love my D!:)
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The 5.0 mustangs are good cars. Its the 4.6L GTs that are slow as balls. Even with light mods, the GTs don't get much faster, but the 5.0s do! Now, a lot of people with 5.0s can't drive them for shit, at least not around here, so I can understand why you call them slow.

Nice kill! It's always fun being the underdog.
K well I can't tell you much about 1/4, but up here on our 1/8th mile tracks stock 5.0's run anywhere from 10.2 to 9.7 depends on who's driving. The ones with gears and mods are usually faster but bone stock = 5.slow. My best time in the 1/8th was 9.35. I don't have a problem with 5.slows! And yah I was neck and neck with the guy with the B16. but if we started from dead stop. I would've been a different story!
bad driver+RWD+1/8 mile = bad times.

I don't doubt what you say, but the mustang guys I know that hit the valley (1/8 mi strip here) in anything less than a built drag 'stang (or camero) can't drive for shit. The guys I know that can drive usually go to indiana for road courses and 1/4 strips. Thats just my experience anyway. :D We might just have different definitions of slow.
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Whats so hard about driving automatics?
People are dumb here. This is kentucky, we got trailer trash ******** with IROCS and 5.0s all over the place. Shit, my friend has beat a large number of mustangs in a 94 probe GT with aftermarket exhaust and intake only. I have seen him run a 5.0 and I've seen a 5.0 run him, so I don't know why that is, but it is.

Fact is, if a car is slow, I usually assume its the driver unless I know the car is slow. I might be wrong in this case, but usually it makes sense.
The youngest 5.0s would be turning 14 years old now (assuming you don't count the bastard child 94-95 models). 3000+lbs and 205-215hp aren't exactly lightning quick, especially when coupled with a shoddy AOD transmission.

Then again, finding one that's stock and/or not beaten to shit is beginning to get rediculously hard.
Thats probably why I see them as being faster than others, I doubt most of them I've seen were stock. Exhaust and intake at the very least I would say has been done to the 5.0s I'm used to seeing, and god knows what else people have done to them around here.


Still, it's a good car (5.0 'stang) that gets bad rep.
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