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Take your B and SHOVE IT!

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So I lined up with an EG hatch today. We rolled on it from mid secondish. We were neck and neck all the way to 100mph or so then there was a car coming up in front of him so we let off. We pulled into the Tim Hortons, I don't know this guy from a whole in the ground. I knew it wasn't a D, I have a 92 Si and my EF destroys it. So we were shooting the shit and the guy asks me what I had. So I told him mild D build all honda except for the I/H obvoiusly, and he shit. Then he started looking for NOS. I am like dude. It is minus ten in the middle of January, even if I had NOS I wouldn't be using it. So buddy is all freaking out because my $800 D was neck and neck with his $3000 B. I love my D!:)
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That is fun. But I prefer picking on 5.slow mustangs with my POS and embarassing the guy in front of a) his buddies or b) his hot girlfriend!
K well I can't tell you much about 1/4, but up here on our 1/8th mile tracks stock 5.0's run anywhere from 10.2 to 9.7 depends on who's driving. The ones with gears and mods are usually faster but bone stock = 5.slow. My best time in the 1/8th was 9.35. I don't have a problem with 5.slows! And yah I was neck and neck with the guy with the B16. but if we started from dead stop. I would've been a different story!
One of my buddies has an 87 hatch gt with stock gears and everything and it is slow. He can drive quite well. My other buddy has a 91 lx truck with Intake heads a cam and 4:30 gears. . That thing is a 5.freaking fast. Runs 8.1 in the 1/8th. All i was saying is stock 5 liters are slow. Just like stock civics are slow. And yah next time I'll make sure and roll in first. My ef blasts off like a rocket in first for some reason. It is just on the verge of breaking the tires loose when you roll on it. I can't wait to swap to the z6 head and run 13.5/1 comp. Should be very interesting to see how long it lasts. I am building it race only. I am hoping to hit 8.8 - 8.7 in the 1/8th this season. I have everything to do it. Just have to get my other car finished.. I hate body work!
neck and neck isnt a win..its a tie..nothing to brag about imo
It is when I spent 800 in a rusted old ef hatch with stock exhaust and buddy had $3000 with I/H/E fart cannon and the works!

Last time I check b16's weren't garbage. Gen 1 160hp Gen 2 168 hp stock. without mods. Gotta remeber to get our d's up to these numbers takes some wok and then they are almost tapped out unless you have lotsa money! I am talking allmotor here. B's start at 160 and can be easily worked up with 10x the aftermarket of a d!

I still love my D though!
Well. I guess everything is junk. My buddies 5.0 is junk. My ef is junk. B's are junk, NSX's are junk. Everything is junk.. You guys are great!! I need a drink!

BTW. You can't really compare track times from one to another. My 1/8th tracks are airport that they set lights up on for the weekend! Plus this is Northern Ontario and it isn't any where close to sea level!

To those of you who appreciate a good race story.. Thank you.
No where did I say that I won. Nor was I bragging that I won. Maybe I should go back and read my own post. But I am pretty sure that the topic was me laughing at the guy with the $3000 B that couldn't pull away from my $800 D.

But I am stupid. and my car is junk. And so was buddies. I deserve to be shot in the face for thinking that a tie is a win for me. And a fender at a track is the difference between thousandths of a second not half a second!
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