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Take your B and SHOVE IT!

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So I lined up with an EG hatch today. We rolled on it from mid secondish. We were neck and neck all the way to 100mph or so then there was a car coming up in front of him so we let off. We pulled into the Tim Hortons, I don't know this guy from a whole in the ground. I knew it wasn't a D, I have a 92 Si and my EF destroys it. So we were shooting the shit and the guy asks me what I had. So I told him mild D build all honda except for the I/H obvoiusly, and he shit. Then he started looking for NOS. I am like dude. It is minus ten in the middle of January, even if I had NOS I wouldn't be using it. So buddy is all freaking out because my $800 D was neck and neck with his $3000 B. I love my D!:)
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lol..speaking of mustangs..I raced an 89 gt hatchback 5 speed 5.0l with really stick tires and he took off pretty damn quickly away from me from a 1st gear roll.
Then again this was with my civic and im a low 15's second car and his is definately low low 14.
I just stick to racing Bseries civics mostly as I havent been beaten by one yet :)
more fun when it is a one and a half no vtec having POS motor :)
oh then you just say "d15b2", then tell them "its a 1.5L 4banger" :TU: :TU:
i still cal a tie a tie....keeping up with someone aint a win...anywhere....
I dont know if this happened in this case but even when your racing someone and you are keeping up with them pretty good and about a car and a half away from them- in reality although thats awesome, at the track it could mean the difference of the other car running 14.5 and you running 15.3 or so.
However if you win by half a fender its a big deal at the track as you probably will get the lower Et
the important thing is that on that day of the race...the B was bunk and the D was dashy.
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