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Step 1: Before anything, read and fully understand the wiring diagrams of the tach(picutred on bottom). Red=12v switched, Black= ground, White= 12v headlamp signal (powered only with lights on), Green= RPM signal

Step 2: On the back of the tach there are two different colored wires, you will need to cut one or both of them depending on what motor you have. Note* The wires change color from tach to tach and the ones to cut change from vehicle to vehicle so read the instructions first.

Step 3: Wrap electrical tape around the wirings to give it a clean look. Be sure not to let the wires you just cut touch together again.

Step 4: Find a suitable location to mount the tach so that it won't be in your way but you can still see it without losing sight with the road.

Step 5: Depending on where you are locating the tach you will need to move panels and other dash pieces.

Step 6: Loosely assembly the tach mounting bracket to get an accurate layout of how it will mount to the dash or pillar.

Step 7: After marking your mount location, drill your small pilot holes. Note* do not drill the holes as big as the screws or they may not hold.

Step 8: Disassemble the mounting bracket and by hand screw in the base. We recommend that you do this by hand as it will give you better control of how tight it needs to be. Otherwise you may end up cracking the dash or the pillar.

Step 9: After you have mounted the base, drill a hole next to it. This is where your tach wires will insert the dash. The hole doesn't need to be any bigger than the diameter of the wires. NOTE* be sure there is nothing important behind the dash where you are drilling.

Step 10: Place the tach in its location to ensure that everything is going to work out good.

Step 11: Secure the mounting ring to the base with the supplied hardware. If you drilled the wire hole really close to the base, you may want to run the wires through the hole first.

Step 12: Tighten all of your hardware tight enough so that the tach will not move. They don't need to be really tight. This is what it should look like, notice there are no ugly wires hanging out.

Step 13: Run your wires through the dash to their locations and wire them up to the power, ground, and light source.

Step 14: Run the green wire through the fire wall and hook it up to your negative lead off of the distributor. Note* some vehicles will not allow this and you may have to wire it up to the ECU. Your vehicle may also require a tach adapter to complete the wiring portion of this install.

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On my 97 hatch there is a rpm service port in the driver's side rear portion of the engine bay. It is a small plug that has a cap on the end, I just hooked my rpm wire to this. All other wires are wired the same.

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ok anybody have a pic of the "service port??? i have an HX and a shift light that just blinks... i think its messed up... it was in my car half installed so i pulled it out and wanted to knwo how to put it back in... but give me some help... i not sure where to wire i knwo the shift has a green, a black and a red wire... any help is apreciated!
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