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Hi guys

I sourced a D16A Vtec motor and had my D16A7 replaced. My mechanic said I can run the engine with a controller on the A7 ecu as a temp solution. Now my A7 dizzy was messed up so I bought a distributor that came off this motor (D16 Vtec as the A7 distributor does not have the same bolt pattern). I was also experiencing fuelling problems with the old motor before the swap. He checked every thing, fuel pump, injector resistor, injectors etc. Found that the problem was the relay, replaced that and the fuel and fuel pressure was sorted. With the swap he changed all plugs, oils and etc.

Now the car is starting but is not driveable. The mechanic assured that everything checked out (on the motor) but its just not running well. He says the car is overfuelling and not firing on all cylinders. Saturday we started the car and it was also backfiring. When we pulled the plugs, it was smelling like fuel. When the car idles you can smell the petrol fumes from the exhuast. He says the problem is with the Vtec dizzy.

Anybody else experienced this problem? Should I look at replacing this distributor with a modded D16A7/6? BTW, we dont get sohc vtecs in South Africa so its very difficult to get ecu's and parts for this engine

Any help appreciated :(
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