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Ok, here is my problem.

I currently am working on a new project car.
a 1993 Civic 4dr DX (title says CLX) ??? Never heard of a CLX.
It had (before I removed it) 1.5 SOHC/MT, I installed my D16Z6
in it's place. I changed the ECM and the engine harness, but I did
not change the dash harness. I noticed one of the plugs is missing it's
Yellow & Green wire (V-Tec wire, right?) So, I get no spark from
my distributor when I try to crank it. Ok, do I need to change the
complete dash harness from a 1.6 or start splicing some wires????
(I think there are 6 wires missing from the dash harness that was
for the 1.5) If you've ever seen how many wires Im looking at right now..
You'll know why im asking this question.

Or to simplify the question.

What steps are needed to swap a 1.5L to a 1.6L in the 92-95 Civic?

Thank you all for your input.
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