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Subaru TD05-16g

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Can I strap this on my y7 with a bov and adjust boost to 5psi and run stock with a header until I build for more boost?
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I put a lot of hard miles on my d16z6 with 4-7psi on stock 240cc injectors. I have a Hondata S300 though in my classic Mini cooper/d16 turbo build lol
Stock FPR.

So stock psi im assuming is 40ish? lol
A y7 makes barely over a 100hp? 5psi would be about a 30 something percent increase in power.

240cc are fine for 5psi on the y7 IN THE RIGHT HANDS.
Greddy kits ran stock injectors on single vtec cars with that low of boost.

Engine management is important though and you need to know what you are doing.I had my injectors cleaned/checked and ran them for a long time.
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1 - 3 of 29 Posts