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Nearly finished my project car (thanks to the help from people on here)

And I've got to my last major issue.

I get engine check light come on. Its error code 7 which is throttle position sensor (or throttle angle sensor)

So I set it to 0.45v closed to 4.5v open. Still get error code, re wired the tps straight to the ecu as I found a break, still get an error code.
Checked voltage, got 5v referance engine on or off, earth is fine engine on or off, tps read 0.45v engine on or off. The tps increases smoothly to 4.5v open.

Tried 2 tps and 2 ecus (1 completely stock) and I'm still getting an error code yet the engine is running fine. I've reset the ecu loads of times as well.

I am so stuck as to what to do next, from what I can tell the tps is working perfect yet I still get a code. And with a engine check light you can't get an MOT thus I can't ever drive the car on the road.

Anything I could have missed ? Anyway to see whats causing it to send the check light ?

Thanks for your time.
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