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It's in my '92 VX HB w/ the Z6 in it. I've tried 3 different VSSs I have around (even the one in my DD EJ which works perfectly) and adjusted the TPS the past two weekends (including just a couple hours ago and it's still perfect). I know it's not the tach gauge itself because I hooked my A-M 5" tach into the signal input near the driver's side shock tower and it matches the jumping with the stock tach. It's the signal leading to it.

So my thinking was it could be the dizzy, but I did pick-up a "new" reman dizzy just at the beginning of this year and the cap, rotor, coil, and igniter were new with this purchase. It has been on the car since before I dialed in the TPS, but could the igniter or coil be going out again?

Thanks for your help and opinions!
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