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Stock Internals in D15B2?

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hi guys
i've searched and can't find a specific answer:
i need to know what pistons are in my stock D15B2 without tearing down the car. are they the pm3's like the d15b7?
if they're different to what i'm thinking, does anyone know compression height and dish/dome cc?

Secondly does anyone know what the stock headgasket thickness is? and what size are the combustion chambers, roughly? is it the same head as any other more used/known USDM or JDM engine?
i'm trying to plan a minor clean-up and blueprinting job and i'd like to gather as much info as possible beforehand so the the daily driver has to spend as little time as possible sitting up.

any links would be helpful too
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B2 + mpfi = b7
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