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Stock d16z6 Cxracing top mount and gt3582 whp estimate?

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I couldnt find any low boost gt35 threads.
My car already has a t25 60 trim on it turbo kit and stock motor making 162whp 140 wtq @10 psi and im looking to go with what Ive already bought for a d16z6 track car on pump 94 and dsm 450. No problems for years installed by Splitfire. I have the new cxracing top mount and gt3582 with a tial 44mm about to go in. Engine is mint burns no oil between oil changes and has maybe 100k miles. Im going to dyno it in a couple months cause im busy but want to know how much power ill be close to with a base 6 psi spring on this big of a turbo. I cant seem to wait. I have an electronic boost controller going in with the upgrade looking for 285 whp at whatever psi on the dyno and track then back to wastegate 6 psi on the street. It will be tuned with Splitfire. So even with all the lag, it still has to be more street performance then 162 whp and 140 torque but even at 6 psi on the gt3582?

I also already have 1200cc injectors a new forged fully built balanced d16z6 bottom vitara/fjt longblock combo with a jdm d15b head and cam. Im trying to save the sohc here cause it runs perfect until i go around to this here.
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The reason you don't see any threads on low boost GT3582r's is because that would be running them outside of their efficiency range. Had a friend that tried doing this on an H22. I told him that boost creep would be a real issue because a GT35 wants to be spooling to 25psi. Trying to hold it back is going to be difficult and it will be so very laggy compared to the t25 set up. In fact, because the t25 is so instantaneous, it wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't quicker with the tiny turbo versus the the GT35. They just aren't a good match with small bore 4 cylinder engines. And when it does creep, you won't be able to control it. It will sail up to 20 or so pounds of boost and then that minty fresh Z6 will be scattered to the breeze, and pavement. I've see this happen multiple times with people using the gt3582r and wanting a low boost setup. It just isn't the turbo to try that with. You would do better with a gt2860rs. It will bolt right in place of the t25, make whatever power you're trying to make without breaking a sweat. 7 psi would get you to that magic number of 180 wtq. 18psi will make over 300whp. Just some thoughts and my experience.
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