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stock clutch, SK2 knob, $90 Carbing, signed skate board, misc..

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I used on my 89 crx si. comes with flywheel. Never slipped. Best offer+shipping

Skunk 2 shift knob. I hate to sell this, but Im desprite to get my crx back on the road. Weighs a ton.

autographed element "fire" skateboard. signed by: Heath Kirchart,COLIN MACKAY, Rob Dyrdek, Danny Garcia, and Jason Dill. If I dont sell it here, It will go to Ebay.

Kenwoow 600 watt 2 channel Amp, Autometer A/F Guage

I need to get my crx back on the road.. need rear suspension for 89-95 civics, and 97-2000 integra will work!!
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$35 shipped for the knob. Its in excellent condition
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should I start an auction?
I dont want to seem like a dick, but i need the money, Who ever pm's me sayin" I have the money, whats your paypal", ill sell it to them, pack it, and ship it in the morning
says skunk 2

but you can buy everything listed..becides psp for 250, ill pay for 3/4 of shipping I made a post :TU:
no, I wont part it out. sorry
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