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Hey Guys,

we've been using the STANDARD Suspension Coilovers on our own race cars for over 10 years now due to a very close working relationship with the factory.

up until recently they had a North American distributor (in Canada) handling their marketing and promotion, so it was not something that we offered to our customers.

However, due to circumstances beyond their control, the North American market is now open again and my friend (the owner) has asked me to see if we can help re-establish the US market.

(Not Actual Fitment. I'll try to get some images uploaded asap)

The R5 suspension system has an enhanced forged front pillow-ball top mount to increase steering response.This suspension system is perfect to use on the road and on the track for time attack or drifting and can even be used on a real race car.

- Front & Rear suspension is mounted on pillow ball
- 12way Adjustable dampening force (compression and rebound)
- Standard Suspension exclusive scaled system for easier installation
- Full length adjustment system on lower mount
- Separate ride height and spring pre-load adjustments
- Forged aluminum top mount
- Aluminum alloy construction for spring seat and locks

All the suspension systems from the R series provides a multi-positional manual damping force adjustment. Each application has a specific number of adjustments. To increase rigidity, you turn clockwise, whereas to decrease rigidity, you turn counter-clockwise. Set your handling and ride as comfortably as you like.

Our full length adjustment system by the lower mount allows separate ride height and spring pre-load adjustments to increase performance while keeping the comfort. You can decide your desired height first, without affecting the spring pre-load, and afterwards you can set the pre-load.

Spring Rates:
Custom rates available. Will confirm rates asap

MSRP on these will be around $1200 + shipping

We are looking for drivers to help us test & promote these on the Honda platform.

Sponsor Price - $720 + Shipping (that's 40% off MSRP)

If you are interested, or require more information, please PM me
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