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- STANDARD Suspension Coilovers Honda Civic 92-00 EG/EK -

*** MFactory Competition Products are the newly appointed International Distributor for STANDARD Suspension ***


There are a lot of generic coilover kits available on the market at the moment, however, they are basically all the same/similar setup (i.e generic) and have not changed over the past 15 years, with prices ranging from $1000-2000; the more expensive only being due to the "brand" and the "assembled in XXX label" rather than the design features. Over 90% of sub-$2000 coilover kits on the market are still manufactured in Taiwan, even the ones "claiming" to be Made in USA, Made in Japan and Made in Germany

There are only 3 "Original Manufacturers" of Coilovers originating from Taiwan:

1) BC Racing (Majority own-brand, the rest oem/odm to Japan/USA)
2) STANDARD Suspension (10% own-brand, 90% oem/odm to Japan/Germany)
3) D2 Racing (Majority own-brand. Almost all Taiwan Brands are from Same-D2-Owner-Different-Brand/Company, or Ex-D2-Employee-New-Brand/Company)

If you are not purchasing BC Racing or STANDARD Suspensions proprietary brands, then you are more than likely purchasing either a re-branded D2 Racing Coilover, or a design based off D2 Racing blueprints (i.e Ex-D2-Employee) and applies to 90% of Coilovers currently for sale on Ebay.

Rather than reinventing the book, it is best to stick to tried-and-tested designs (especially for the street car) hence why all the current setups available are similar in specification. However, dependant on which originating Taiwanese Manufacturer you purchase from, the quality and choice of materials are very much different. Because of this, we at MFactory Competition Products have decided to do what we do best, and this is to provide the market with a quality solution that meets our #1 priority; Value for Money. We believe that, from the 3 original manufacturers, STANDARD Suspension offers the Best Manufacturing Standards and Highest Quality Materials, as evidenced by their strong portfolio of Japanese/German oem/odm clients.


Forged 6061-T6 Hard Anodised Aluminium Front Upper Mounts
- Strong and Lightweight, our Forged Upper Mounts are Hard Anodised for superior Corrosion Resistance
- Camber Angles can be adjusted precisely to your driving needs (MacPherson)

Forged 6061-T6 Hard Anodised Aluminium Rear Upper Mounts (Where Applicable)
- Strong and Lightweight, our Forged Upper Mounts are Hard Anodised for superior Corrosion Resistance

Spherical Upper Mount Bushing
- Increases shock articulation and prevents coil-bowing

62mm ID Cold-Wound SAE 9254 Steel Linear Springs
- High Quality spring steel offering superior performance and durability

52mm OD Cold-Drawn Japanese SAE 1020 Seamless Carbon Steel Shock Body
- Offers superior physical properties and strength-to-weight ratio over lesser manufacturing processes

Black-Zinc Plated Fully-Threaded Shock Body with 250hrs of Salt-Spray Testing
- Offers superior corrosion-resistance

14mm OD or 20mm OD (MacPherson) Forged SAE 4140 Chromoly Steel Piston Rod
- Monotube shocks, although offering increased performance over Twintube shocks, have an inherent weakness; a load-bearing Piston Rod
- Although Inverted Monotube Shocks are touted as the solution, these come with their own set of problems, not least the substantially increased cost of manufacture
- Our over-engineered solution to the problem, with only a marginal increase in manufacturing costs, is our proprietary Chromoly Steel Piston Rod
- Offering a substantial increase in tensile strength over lesser-quality rods, not only does this keep costs down, it significantly increases product safety

12-Level Simultaneous Compression/Rebound Adjustment
- Our Coilovers allow 12 levels of Simultaneous Compression/Rebound Adjustments, allowing you to fine-tune your vehicle comfort and handling
- Unlike the majority of budget coilovers currently on the market, with their 30+ Level Adjustments, you can physically feel the difference between each adjustment
- In this particular case, more is not better; it's simply an inconvenience and setup-nightmare

10cm/15cm/20cm Length Adjustment Extenders (Optional)
- Designed for vehicle applications with limited access to their upper strut mounts

44mm OD Forged Piston
- Over-engineered for superior strength, with anti-stiction and anti-friction properties

Performance Synthetic Damper Oil with High Viscosity Index and Proprietary Additives
- A proprietary formula providing consistent damping over a wide temperature range and superior anti-stiction/anti-friction properties

Viton Performance O-Rings
- Upgraded O-Rings offering better performance and durability than lesser-quality Rubber O-Rings

Forged 6061-T6 Hard Anodised Lower Spring Perch Locking Collar
- Strong and Lightweight, our Forged Locking Collars are Hard Anodised for superior Corrosion Resistance

Fully-Threaded Forged 6061-T6 Hard Anodised or High-Tensile Carbon Steel Lower Mount
- Threaded Lower Mounts allows us to use a longer shock body for increased performance
- Shock Stroke is unaffected by Ride Height changes
- Allows an increased Height Adjustment range

Patented Scale System on Shock Body Threads
- A unique scale system that simplifies ride-height adjustment

Fully Rebuildable
- Our Coilovers are fully rebuildable, with spare parts always in stock and available for purchase

Limited 1 Year Warranty
- Warrantied against Manufacturers Defects
- Non-Transferable. Registration and Proof-of-Purchase Required

Available Spring Rates:
- 8K/4K, 10K/6K

PRICE: $899.95 inc FREE Worldwide Shipping

Your item will be carefully packed and dispatched within 72 hours (Mon-Fri) of receiving payment

We use UPS Worldwide Express/EMS Express delivery for all shipments, with an average worldwide delivery time of 3-5 working days

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Chinese New Year Holidays, all orders placed between now and Feb 14th will not be processed for shipment until we re-open on Feb 15th
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