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Stage 2 cams..What else?

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Im looking at buying crower stage 2 cams for my 95 ex... I have a aem V2 , dc 4-2-1 header, and greddy evo 2 exhaust...Im looking for this to be a good street car...What else will i need besides the cam and the valvespring kit...Also is there a write up or anythinga nyone has done about the installtion on these..thanks
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Youll have to start on the bottom end to really make any power.
mill the head or get some high com pistons. that will get you some more power........ and i would reccomend getting it tuned to take full advantage of the cam.
well uve allready got the "basics" with the i/h/e.....just get the cam, gear, springs and retainers......personally id get a p&p and valve job done all at the same time....along with sum zc pistons!
ill use a crower stage 2 as well. but Im raising compression to 11.2 along with a crome program and a p&p'd Y8 head. that should give me some healthier torque accross the band than stock. fattening that area under the curve should be the best target for D builders with modest street tune in mind. IMO
how about this. Valve springs, Rods, and Higher compression pistons. tune the car and see if you make power over 8000 rpm's
Motors are simple: You can never go wrong with adding cam, compression, or flow.
Thanks for your help... Will i be fine if i just put the cams and the spring kit in for now with the other stuff thats done? thanks...Anyone find a write up?
ya you will be fine. get a manual, it will show you how.
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