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SS auto chrome

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Hey guys, I'm new to the forum - I have been actively reading all of your posts but hadnt registered.

I have a 98 EK civic with a d16y6 - same as your american sohc vtec d16y8.

now... SS AUTO CHROME, they have a d16 turbo kit...

I wanna know is it rubbish or not? its hard to find a turbo manifold without going custom for a dseries. whats your comments?
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Dont waste your money. I have an SS autochrome - kamikazi mock-up header. Trust me its not even close...Now dont get me wrong the quality is top notch and the welds are beautiful however, the runners are not matched and the downpipe is not 2.5" like I asked. Its was STOCK before I cut that fucker off and welded my own on. took me hours of grinding and fitting but eventualy I got what I wanted. A 4-1 Kamikazi header lol. For the price was it worth it? Yes. would I buy from ssautochorme again? absolutly NOT. Save your money cause in the end you get what you paid for...sort of :)
SS is definitely crap. Along with OBX. When I see their brands, I think of APC. :?
My bad Boost, but I saw that shit and my island blood started boiling... :twisted:
Wow, I did miss a lot!
Anyone know what that OBX turbo manifold is a copy of by any chance?
its a copy of crap that doesnt work ... lol
sleepercivic is right .. OBX = APC quality .... and we all know how HORRIBLE APC is ...
fuck OBX .. ive seen that manifold on drag cars ... not the OBX one .. the one they are trying to copy ...
ok... just to clear some stuff up

i got the ssautochrome 4-2-1 header only because wanted a little project and im getting a turbo eventually anyway so 98 bucks seemed like a good deal. i bolted it on and was greeted with a nice exhaust leak due to the fact that the gasket between the header and my test pipe is useless for this joint all it does is flop around between the header and the cat. however... performance wise it did make a very noticeable difference, which was expected bc i almost doubled the size of the runners and the collectors and eliminated a catalytic converter along the way :) i guess it would be hard for a header not to make a positive difference... as of the quality, the welds are pretty messy, the runners are larger then the ports in the flange, which is bigger then the ports on the head, and the chrome doesnt even cover the whole header, like the backside of the pipe that crosses the other three is bare metal.. i guess since chrome is for looks anyway this doesnt make much of a difference since you cant see it but still it's nice when you're looking at your sweet new part for the whole thing to be nice and shiny... yes most of the ssautochrome stuff is obx stuff dipped in chrome but i have heard that the turbo manifold is their own design and am pretty sure this is true because obx dont make a turbo manifold... i think the design of the turbo manifold is pretty tight but have yet to talk to someone who has one. as for my leak i have been told it can be cured with a 99-00 gasket so thats what ima gonna do... ps... why do we fight when someone buys a shitty part?
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i dont know about everyone else, but i stay the fuck away from crappy knockoffs .. you get what you pay for .. shit .. i believe most PEOPLE should stay away from cheap products and bad crappy imation they should be saved for rice boys ... not d series ass kickers !! :lol:
freeturkeys said:
i think the design of the turbo manifold is pretty tight but have yet to talk to someone who has one. as for my leak i have been told it can be cured with a 99-00 gasket so thats what ima gonna do?
Their turbo manifold looks great, but I've read where owners complain about them cracking and sometimes the turbo's even falling off. So, not matter whether their product might actually make a difference, I'll gladly spend $100 more on a product won't fail or doesn't have a bad track record. Just my $,02.
Nobody is fighting. There was a misunderstanding, but it was cleared up.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I bet the only reason you noticed a power increase was because you removed the cat at the same time. :lol:
done alot of searching.. done alot of reading... this post has answered my question ... ss auto chrome is crap. I dont want it falling off my car coz the mainfold was not designged to support a turbo *sigh* aswell as other problems with cracks and leaks.

i didnt have to search for anything .. i knew ss autochrome was crap .. the second i looked at their site ... :rice: as apc
I bought one of those turbo kits from SS. I never actually installed the kit and just sold it to a friend because I decided to go with nitrous. The design of the manifold was good but when you look in the manifold, the welding quality was bad, but enough to hold the system together. The turbo spun smoothly and it was built right for the price. The t3/t4 was too big, so if you have a CRX or Del Sol maybe Civics with AC, it's not going to fit with the stock radiator and condenser fan. As for the down pipe, same poor quality on the welds. My point, it will run and work, but you get what you pay for. The turbo is acceptable but not the manifold, it just looks to thin and weak to support the heavy weight of the turbo. I would not use this kit on a daily driver. We are going to install the kit on race CRX soon anyway, so I'll let ya'll know what happens.
an ss autochrome turbo on a race crx !?!? :shock: :roll: what the hell ?? didnt we just talk about not using crappy parts .. especially on a RACE CAR ?? did i miss something ??
i would just like to say that my header is only going to be on there for a month or two tops and if i was planning on staying na i would definately get a dc sports or skunk2 header, i mean come on any company with chrome in their name is almost guaranteed to make shit but hey it does its job better then the stock monster, just maybe not for as long :) you are all right i did get what i paid for and i knew that from the beginning. i was not out to get the best header in the world i got what i wanted and to tell you the truth i am happy with it. as for ss autochrome they gotta know they sell crap but i will tell you they are damn good at it they were the best seller i have ever dealt with on ebay. the header is shit no mistake and after seeing the poor quality of the header i would definately not trust their turbo manifold, i was merely saying that it looks pretty hot. when i do go turbo i will probably end up getting one made down at rpm nyc, they make the nicest tubular manifolds i have ever seen. anyway if you just want a little something to give your car a small, gentle kick in the nuts then this thing might be good for you. the fitment was perfect as far as bolting up pretty nicely and a little dremel action for the ports on the flange cleaned things up nicely enough. on top of all that i beat an ls who thought he was hot shit last night so im happy :) ok peace out.
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they have a whole post about these, and how the welds crack, and how one of their members almost lost his turbo by putting it on one of these pieces of shit. i would trust apc or obx to put some gay looking taillights on my car, but not a manifold of any kind on the engine. check out- nice ass manifolds crazy lookin nice manifolds.
Since we have the kit already we might as well use it. We just want to see how long the turbo and manifold will last on the CRX. Nothing lost, just want to do a real test.
WTH didn't you guys come tell me this before I bought all this crap from SS? Sure, I just found this site today, but you should have warned me a few weeks ago!

Well, I guess I will be telling you all how crappy the car runs after I get this junk all hooked up.

:? :? :? :? :? :? :?
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