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SS auto chrome

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Hey guys, I'm new to the forum - I have been actively reading all of your posts but hadnt registered.

I have a 98 EK civic with a d16y6 - same as your american sohc vtec d16y8.

now... SS AUTO CHROME, they have a d16 turbo kit...

I wanna know is it rubbish or not? its hard to find a turbo manifold without going custom for a dseries. whats your comments?
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Cheers for the reply... - I've heard some bad things about there manifolds but wondering is anyone else has used there products.

The Turbo kit you mention is alittle out of my range as its imported into New Zealand so its like your price + freight and customs added being prolly the most expensive turbo kit on the market - but i agree it looks perfect.

with ss autochrome its $600 for turbo + manfiold + downpipe.. great buy i think.
I'm still debating this topic as the quality and performance of a custom manifold would be still the same as ss chrome becuase they havent spent $$$ for r & d.

So do these manifolds tend to crack or the performance level is no where comparable to greddy?
done alot of searching.. done alot of reading... this post has answered my question ... ss auto chrome is crap. I dont want it falling off my car coz the mainfold was not designged to support a turbo *sigh* aswell as other problems with cracks and leaks.

hey.. would you recommend the turbo then?
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