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SS auto chrome

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Hey guys, I'm new to the forum - I have been actively reading all of your posts but hadnt registered.

I have a 98 EK civic with a d16y6 - same as your american sohc vtec d16y8.

now... SS AUTO CHROME, they have a d16 turbo kit...

I wanna know is it rubbish or not? its hard to find a turbo manifold without going custom for a dseries. whats your comments?
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OBX and SSautoChrome is junk. Don't buy any of that crap. That guy is an asshole and needs his teeth kicked in. OBX is shit and SSautoChrome is even shittier.

If you search every forum on the internet for the keyword "SSautoChrome" you will find a bad experience with them. You have been warned.......
krazyrican76 said:
For the last guy (
That guy is an asshole and needs his teeth kicked in.
) I hope "that guy" is not me. If so my address is 40013 Branca Dr, Frederick Md 21702, you are more than welcome to try and do that shit. Actualy give me ur fucking address so I can go there and see what you got to say to my face. PUNK! :twisted:
I'm not going to respond to that because the comment wasn't directed towards you. I was talking about SSautoChrome. Settle down man. :p
Nobody is fighting. There was a misunderstanding, but it was cleared up.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I bet the only reason you noticed a power increase was because you removed the cat at the same time. :lol:
1 - 4 of 49 Posts
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