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SS auto chrome

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Hey guys, I'm new to the forum - I have been actively reading all of your posts but hadnt registered.

I have a 98 EK civic with a d16y6 - same as your american sohc vtec d16y8.

now... SS AUTO CHROME, they have a d16 turbo kit...

I wanna know is it rubbish or not? its hard to find a turbo manifold without going custom for a dseries. whats your comments?
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exospeed*com said:
Just my opinion... you spend that $600 now.. expect to replace it later. I would stick to the companies that actually test and use their own stuff on real world applications.

Couldn't agree with that more!
Likklekilla said:
i would really like to know the real deal with OBX stuff. People keep bashing it but no one has had ne concrete evidence. Yes it does seem cheap for what it is but does it work? Someone who has experience with it please tell me whats up with OBX and the chrome stuff. Especially the manifolds?
Please shell out your cash and buy some of these parts and let us know what YOU think. Then you can provide actual experience as to way everyone says they are not quality items!
I love the design though. IM kind of considering getting one and copying it
I think the design of the SS manifold is great. Looks like it flows really well and they have addressed some comon downpipe issues. I believe the welds and the relatively thin steel the manifold is composed of is the weak link.
Wow, I did miss a lot!
Anyone know what that OBX turbo manifold is a copy of by any chance?
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