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Been looking itno cams and I can get a SRR cam and adjustable pulley for 400 GBP which is loads cheaper than Gude and a little less than Skunk2.

Here the spec
Advertised Duration 260/268
Duration @ 0.050" 220/216
Lift 445/430
Lash .007/.009

Anyone used a SRR? what do you think? Seems well balanced for N/A and Boost. I don't want to go all the way on the head with valves, springs and retainers but will I have to with such high lift?

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What is this cam made from? It is a new cam I assume, not a regrind. The only way to tell if it is good for FI as opposed to NA is lobe seperation, whether or not they dialed-in more overlap for NA or same as stock or less for FI...BTW, the lift numbers are sky high, I would def. consider uprated springs and retainers.

I have never seen anything about the performance fo SRR cams, just some mention of their final drive units and the like.

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I thought that about the lift but the duration is much higher than the standard Z6 cam but a lot lower than Skunk2 cams.

I couldn't get the lobe seperation even though I did ask for it.

Can you recomend any springs and retainers?
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