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Slo has the right idea. Your best bet is to get another bottom end going and inspect the cam journals to see how much got toasted. Might need a head too. You can build the bottom end up, using info on this site, and our personal insight. Make a decent 300 whp (depending on turbo here), and it live a long and very prosperous non explosive life. You've learned the first of many lessons with a Honda. You can't just send it, or it might send itself to the moon. That is, unless you build for that. Reasons I built mine the way I did. I invested in CSS from CNCWerx, and went with Wiseco pistons, and Crower rods. I didn't want to explode another block because they are a now bringing a premium for the DOHC D.

I'll repeat the adage that was said the other day.

With a Honda:

You can be cheap and reliable but not fast (a stock Honda)
You can be cheap and fast, but not reliable (what happened here)
You can be fast and reliable, but it won't be cheap (where you're headed and will enjoy the crap out of it if you do it)
Thank you for the advice and knowledge. I am selling one of my mercedes for this civic lol. I bought a new engine, I am going to send it to the machine shop that my dad has used and had good luck with. For now I am doing more stupid stuff to the current engine (polishing the crankshaft with the shoelace trick) and I'm gonna slap new bearings in and will use this engine as my guinea pig while I wait for the new one to be machined. I was planning on reusing my rods and pistons with the block but it looks like one of the rods got pretty hot so I'd prefer to replace it, it's not oval or anything just color change. I checked my logs and I think what happened was I loaded a new honda basemap to work off of with 12 as the timing, I guess the dizzy was timed to 16 or something so I did exactly what made me want to get it professionally tuned instead of have me guessing and killing my engine. Whoops lol. I am gonna try and make thread with info on what not to do when building a d16. I apologize if this is all unnecessary information I just think that you may find it amusing. I bought the engine for 20$ by some miracle. The cylinder walls have some surface rust but I will be going to 75.5mm and with a machine shop telling me if it will work, if not I will buy another one. Thanks.
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