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as you know '90-'91 ex and dx gauge clusters are interchangeable however if you want to keep your current odometer reading you need to get creative.

You’ll need an ex gauge cluster, your dx gauge cluster, philips screw drivers, dremel with plastic grinding bit, thin blade screw driver. Remember to unhook negative battery cable prior to starting any electrical moods.

1: to remove dx cluster unscrew the four screws for the gauge bezel then the two behind the cluster shroud. Unplug wires from the cluster, the speedo cable and wires for the dimmer and hazard lights. The cluster has four screws holding it into the dash. Locate and remove.

2: remove the plexiglass face from the gauge visor, you'll need a thin blade screwdriver to pry apart the plexi and the backing, take your time so you don't crack the face or you can remove gauge visor from the cluster first and skip #3.

3: remove face backing bezel from cluster it has four tabs to depress and pull off.

4: unscrew the four bolts from around the back of the speedo and remove from cluster.

5: remove indicator needle with a fork set under the center of the needle pry off gently. Make a mental note how it is located.

6: unscrew the two small screws on either side of the post and remove the speedo face.

7: repeat 2 – 7 with the ex cluster.

8: place speedo faces with ex on top to mark the trip reset plunger hole. This will need to be drilled/ground out with the dremel.

9: place the dx speedo into the ex cluster and mark the back of the dx trip reset plunger on the inside of the cluster, the hole is off by approx. ¼ inch.

10: place the newly reground ex face onto dx speedo double check the hole for rubbing on the plunger shaft. If okay replace the two small screws. Tighten till snug and make sure face is flat.

11: replace four bolts into the back of the dx speedo thru the back of the ex cluster.

12: Replace needle onto speedo face … gently. Be sure to line it up as it was on the dx face.

13: reassemble plexi gauge visor using the dx plexiglass and the ex backing plate. You can use any plastic glue or leave separate for ease of cleaning.

14: replace wires into plugs and make sure that the speedo cable is firmly seated into the plug.

15: hook up battery cable

16: turn ignition key and insure all lights work, replace as needed.

17: replace cluster into dash replacing all screws and covers.

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