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Beaver Built: Tool Review Tuesday, Part 5: Speedglas 9100XX welding Helmet


This is the biggest ADF helmet Speedglas makes with over 12sqin of viewing area. The fit and finish is amazing. It has venting to let your hot, stanky breath out instead of fogging everything up. It has side windows (shade 5) that let you see where you are walking or see where you are going when you weld. It also makes it really hard for schmucks to sneak up on you when you are working.

This one has no solar assist. The batteries are supposed to last 2000 hours, though. The extra viewing area is worth the hit to battery life. The ADF (AutoDarkening Filter) itself is fast, very adjustable, very clear and HUGE.

The headgear is SUPERB! It stays up with a really solid detent, and so far, the friction hold is also good (for when you don't need or want to flip it all the way up to the detent). It sits very low compared to any other hood when flipped up because of the way the headgear is designed.

It is EXPENSIVE. Retail is nearly $400. This isn't a hobby hood. I use mine 5-7 days a week, sometimes 12 hours at a time. (I'm not actual exaggerating much.) So far it is comfortable and really increases awareness of the environment with the additional peripheral view afforded by the side windows. Overall, it is an amazing package that is worth the premium, IMO, at least if you use it all the dang time like I do. I like to see. I don't like destroying my eyes with cheap hoods. If you can't afford this model, the smaller viewing window ADF models are just as good, still extremely useful and have tha dded bonus of solar assist so the batteries last longer.

I've already been putting mine to good use:

This thing is totally Beaver Built Approved.

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