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so this afternoon i was driving on a long open highway with VERY few cars....i see this dodge stealth (dont know what model) pulling on me REALLY fast. so when he tries to pass me i drop down to 2nd going 55 and i floor it and catch the last of second, and keep it floored...i pulled onto him about a car so we were about a carlength away...well he didnt pull on me at all and we both kept going with no cars in sight...i was REALLY surprised when my car shut down at around 115-120 mph....this really pissed me old d15b2 carried me at 125 a few i was surprised....i really didnt know i had a speed limiter that shut down before 120...i this jdm ecu surprises me!!!. so i guess my question is...what does the exact speed limiter go to?? i dont drive at these speeds often...i usually stay under 80, but it bothers me knowing that my car would never have the chance at going faster than it has....

my mods..
1991 crx dx
jdm d15b w/p08 ecu
b18 TB
i think i have more done to the engine??? haha i dont remember everything...

thanks for all the help guys...
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