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1998 Honda Civic Si
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Hey all. Picked up this 98 Civic Si for $700 about 2 months back.

More pics to come soon

Plans are to teach my fiance how to drive a standard while I plan/purchase what will be done to it. The end goal is to boost this thing and (hopefully) slaughter my friend's 2010 WRX hatch... bone stock atm.

I am currently in the process of researching and ordering parts and pieces to rebuild this little D16Y8. I'll warn you now, this may take a while. I'm learning as I go, this is my first attempt at any serious modifications to a vehicle. I have done stereos, maintenance, suspension mods, wheels and tires, and cai's, but nothing this involved. So, please be patient and any suggestions/criticism are welcomed along the way!

Bought the car March 12th 2017. Clearly had some issues, oil all over the engine, leaky heater hose, peeling clear coat, broken front bumper, and the dreaded bottle of stop leak sitting on the rear seat, haha. Honestly all I cared about was how much rust was on it, not much at all!

So, what I've done so far...

Replaced a snapped wheel stud using the grind the hub a bit and cut the stud head flat method

Fixed that leaky heater hose.

Replaced the worn out driver side door lock.

Degreased the engine and found out where the oil leak is, replace the dizzy o-ring! The rest of the oil seems to have been from not being able to use a funnel properly.

Wire wheeled the 2 small rust patches on the passenger door and threw on some black paint to prevent it getting worse til I can address it properly.

Peeled pimple faced teenager's decals off( except for the ones on the front bumper, needs to be replaced)

Next, compression test. Cylinder #1 slightly low but still within honda's acceptable paramaters.

Now this past weekend I got sick of looking at the blatant curb rash all over the LS mesh wheels(I think)

bit blurry sorry


I doused them with good old purple power, power washed and dried them.

Hit them with a couple coats of primer

1998 Honda Civic Si
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Let them dry up, and threw on some graphite.

I put one of them back on with the chrome lug nuts and nearly barfed. So, I gave them a bath in acetone and hit them with some black I had left over from another project, followed by some clear to hopefully help it hold up top torgueing them down.


The center caps on the rears are painted as well due to the previous owner losing the "H" and somehow cracking them.

Nearly forgot I've also replaced a broken knock sensor that was causing a check engine light after about 5 minutes of driving. That was no small task, reaching up to it from underneath the car. Thank you magnetic lights! The face full of coolant sucked though....
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