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I have been working on some turbo's. Some are mine I am rebuilding to resell and some are clients. I am upgrading the DSM T25 compressor to a SR20 compressor which may not sound like much but will really wake the turbo up. The Hitachi HT18S2S I am still debating wether to upgrade to a Garrett 50 trim or use the eGay T3T4 compressor setup I already have. The T3 I have I am going to combine with the Hitachi compressor and related parts.

Here are each specs:
Hot Cold
DSM T25 (ind)46mm (ex) 40mm (ind) 38.5mm (ex) 52mm
SR20DET T25 51mm 40mm 41mm 54mm
T3 60 trim 58mm 48mm 46.5mm 60mm
Hitachi 64mm 53mm 44mm 64mm
eGay Turdblo 66mm 56mm 50mm 76mm

Also T3 compressors all use the same exducer of 60mm. The inducer is all that varies.

T3 40 trim 37.5mm 45 trim 40.5mm 50 trim 42.5mm 55 trim 44.5 mm and super 60 (which is a 62 trim) 48.2mm

Another note to add is the Garrett T28 line is nothing more then Garrett using what they have to make quicker spooling turbos. They simply use T25 turbines with T3 compressors. A GT2560R is nothing more then T3 60 trim with a different shaft diameter (T3 is .250" where T25 is .235" or 6mm). The GT2860RS is T25 turbine with a Super 60 trim compressor. They do have different sized turbines as you can tell by the DSM T25 and SR20 T25 turbines. They have a specific T28 turbine as well but came on very few OEM turbo's. Here are the pictures.

(left to right DSM T25, SR20 T25, T3 60 trim, Hitachi HT18S2S, eGay Turdblo)

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