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I'm looking at swapping one of these into my 90 crx si, just looking for some personal experience as to which one is quicker with a mildly modded setup(i/e/h). I know the sohc is essentially the same motor i have but a whole lot fresher(230K on mine) with a slightly stouter cam, and I've ridden in a crx with this, and it's quicker than mine.
As for the dohc, how strong are they with si ecu and old integ ecu? I can imagine the teg ecu would be stronger. Anyway, mainly, would i be quicker by dropping in the dohc?
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I always heard that the DOHC ZC is horrible when it comes to aftermarket parts...
Dohc wasn't that bad for aftermarket parts when I built mine
For sure maybe now however there might be. I did find after a lil research and found a recipe guidebook on this site with does and don'ts for that engine. Did a lil bit of research myself and you can get it cammed up,Intake header cam gears etc. However the idea of swapping an H series on top intrigues me a touch. Unlesss this is the wrong thread still cool idea. All the more reason to love Honda motors. Apparently as I am starting to discover they are(So many different ways to cook up a healthy engine) inside a rather light shell..And still to todays standards get decent MPGs and have a solid street/track thumper...
As it turns out it was a completely different thread my bad all. And regards to (OP) question.
I always heard that the DOHC ZC is horrible when it comes to aftermarket parts...

Nothing really difficult.

Cams are easy(colt, delta, exospeed, amongst others
Valves(I think supertech/KMS can get them)
ARP makes head studs and some vendors here have them in stock.
Rods are same as SOHC.

Pistons are different but Race Engineering have forged forced induction pistons in stock and for NA either run the new NPR P29's(they now make a floating pin for aftermarket rods and press fit pin for stock rods) or you can go the custom piston route but you have options.

All gaskets and belts are same as other motors, just need to look at the reference list and find the aftermarket or OEM part if they still make it.

The 1 thing that might be of concern is the oil pump. Honda stopped making the OEM oil pump which flows more oil than a SOHC. Many people have simply run a SOHC pump that has been ported with no issues(myself included).

I didn't find it any more difficult to find parts for mine vs the single cams I've built.
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I don't understand where this rumor started. Honestly, the only parts available are generally quality parts (since JG finally went out of business or whatever happened with them).

Considering that most people just swap an engine then run a simple I/H/E, you get more power stock than a slightly modded SOHC. Chuck on some cam gears, tune and you will be shocked.
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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