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Every engine japan has is a zc,
a Y8 over there is called a obd2 sohc vtec zc, a Z6 from over there is called a obd1 sohc vtec zc, a Y7 is a obd2 sohc nonvtec zc. an a6 over there is called a obd0 sohc nonvtec zc.

Also the d15b cam is a bit more agressive then a z6 cam and still sucks if your building for power, if you plan on dd you car and not reallt track use i could see using the stock cam, but unless i was in a race class that needed oem parts i would never bother switching out cams for a d15b cam

Also a jdm d15b head is a z6 head. They flow the same. And the cam would do better in a 1.5 bottom end because the ratio of cam size to cc displacment changes. So putting that cam is a d17 it will be small but putting it in a d15 it may be alright
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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