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$o Kal Garage $ale! NEW PARTS ADDED 1/13/07!!!

:honda: Hey guys it’s time to clean out the garage and fund the turbo block build so here we go with a list of part’s that I have in the garage. For any more information or picture’s feel free to post or message me, and I will get to it as soon as I check it. I am on the computer frequently so I will check and respond as soon as possible.

I have been doing business online for quite some time now so for reference you can check…
Heatware – ezekiel987 -
eBay user id - sellitshaunkelley

I will take trades/I need the following!
z6 crank, y8 oil pan

Here we go…Something for everyone…buyer pays shipping...make offers!

88-91 crx d15b2 bare cylinder head (no intake mani) *SOLD*
88-91 crx d15b2 spark plug wires
88-91 crx d15b2 block *SOLD*
88-91 crx d15b2 exhaust manifold *SOLD*
92-95 civic cx d15b8 block *SOLD*
92-95 civic cx d15b8 transmission (no grind’s, great condition) *SOLD*
92-95 civic cx d15b8 complete cylinder head
92-95 civic cx d15b8 complete intake manifold *SOLD*
92-95 civic cx d15b8 exhaust manifold
92-95 civic cx d15b8 distributor *SOLD**SOLD*
92-95 civic cx d15b8 spark plug wires *SOLD*
92-95 civic cx d15b8 alternator *SOLD*
92-95 civic grey front seats (small tear in driver side seat) *SOLD*
92-95 civic d15 timing cover *SOLD*

Just Added!

92-95 civic cx d15b8 throttle body
92-95 civic cx d15b8 iacv valve
92-95 civic cx d15b8 fuel rail and fuel pressure regulator *SOLD*
92-95 civic complete stock air intake and air filter in GREAT condition
92-95 civic dx d15b7 bare intake manifold
96-00 upper timing cover *SOLD*
BRAND NEW sealed in package crx d15b2 oil pan gasket *SOLD*
92-95 eg rear bumper right key hole piece
92-95 eg stock shift knob
92-95 eg stock oil cap
96-00 ek stock oil cap
96-00 ek power steering pump bracket
some dx stock muffler?

Just Added Today 1/13/07!

92-95 eg Virgin p06 ecu *SOLD*
92-95 eg z6 Transmission (doesn't go in second...broken shifter fork?)
92-95 eg z6 Transmission (no grinds) *SOLD*
92-95 eg z6 intake manifold
88-91 crx d15b2 oem flywheel
88-91 crx d15b2 oem clutch
92-95 eg d15b8 oem flywheel
92-95 eg d15b8 oem clutch
92-95 eg z6 head (bare no v-noid, valve cover) *SOLD*

(I will be adding more part's as I take everything apart. I have misc motor/tranny mounts as well as clutches and flywheels and many other part' me for any request's!)

96-00 ek d16y7 transmission (40k mile's, GREAT condition, no grinds whatsoever)


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I have a y8 crank and oil pan which I have ZERO use for. I dont really need any of your stuff thos sorry.

chuck me a decent offer and ill have them for you shipped by new years!

the y8 threw a rod. not sure of the condition of the crank but what I can see zero scratches with the feeling it with my nails.

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bakersfield, ca 93309 (i can meet you halfway if your in la) - make an offer

how many miles on the head? what condition? price shipped to above zip?
the head was resurfaced a couple months ago, it might need a valve adjustment. I'm on vacation right now so i will find out shipping when i get home on the 5th. Who is good to ship a head with. I'm in texas.
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