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ok, I have a 1991 ski doo safari, and last year I had a piston meltdown, real bad. My brother was the one that pulled the motor out, but thats as far as he got, so I decided to finish it because he decided he didn't want the sled anymore. So, the rebuild went super easy, due to the fact that 2 stroke rebuilds are a no-brainer, and the motor went back in just great. now, the problem is, after hooking up all the wiring again, I have no spark. I know, fuck. Plugs, coil and wires are new, the only thing different is I don' t have a battery for it, and I didn't put the oil injection back in, because the oil pump is pooched, hence the piston meltdown! My question is do I have to have the batter in to start, it has a pull start, but I haven't a clue if this thing has points or not, I didn't look when I had the motor out. If anyone knows anything at all about this sled let me know, we finally have snow and I want SOMETHING to ride!
thanks in advance!
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