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SNAP ring

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so the y7 started knocking and it turns out that after i pulled the pan to check the bearings and found nothing, with a magnet in the pan i pulled three parts of a snap ring. What now. The problem is that my scat rods are floating and my nippon pistons are also floating so my pistons were cut for snap rings
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that sucks. so, the piston is hitting the head? or no?
I say buy some Vitara's with new pins, snap rings, and piston rings.
likely the pin has scored the cylinder wall, likely even a 1mm overbored won't get rid of the scoring.
i figured it fucked the cylinder wall also so i picked up a y8 complet accept for 4 rocker arms and the bolts for the cam retainer just gona swap my head over and call it good for now. also i did a comp test and aftre 3 turns all 4 cylinders showed at 148 is that ok or not?
Usually I'd say if all 4 are within 10% of each other it'd be okay. But it can't be good... Seems a little low to me. Get that other engine, slap the good head on(check for damage though) and you're good to go!
i have an adjustabel cam gear and a stage two cam could the reason for low numbers be overlap cuz those pistons have a hella dome with molly rings i just wonder wtf compression calculater says 13 to 1 whats to expect of that?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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