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SilentWrath's Super Sale: Come on in !!!!!!

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PM6 88-91 civic/crx si ecu-broken----$7
88-91 civic/crx dx distributor-broken can be fixed----$7
88-91 civic sedan 4d center vents----$5
88-89 civic/crx clear bumper lights new----$6
88-89 civic/crx clear bumper lights-only lens not housing----$2

88-91 civic/crx Ingalls style front camber kit new----$45
88-91 civic/crx red "civic type r" style floormats used----$12

Crystal Mobilesound 6.5" Component set with titanium dome tweet-comes with mids, tweets, x-overs, and wiring....also included is a custom fiberglass passenger kick panel if you want it---- $75

2 pairs of knukonceptz high quality RCA cables----$6 each
1 pair of rockford fosgate red low end RCA cables----$3
Stinger ANL style fuse holder with 150amp fuse----$5

i have pics of everything....everything!!! "but the maximum filesize for all Attachments is reached. Please contact the Board Administrator if you have questions"

so im gonna see if i can get an imagestation set up and working, but its the slowest bunch of garbage ive ever seen dag nabit

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the distributor has a few things wrong with it...a few wires are marred (sp.) they are not compltely destroyed just might need heat shinked, the ignition control module may or may not work, i dont know, the coil may or may not work, i dont know, i can get multimeter measurements of both if you like... it come with no dis. cap, and a rotor that should be replaced. it should get a new o-ring, and may need a new bearing. im only askin 7 cause i know its pretty bare, but its a good cheap starting point if you can rebuild it yourself

i will get you a shipping quote tomorrow asap on the ecu

here is the imagestation invite link to view the album that contains pics of everything i have listed...please view them

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