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showing off local guys new project*not my pics*

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showing off a local guys pics (ive asked him to sign up here but he doesnt want to?)
this is aka allmotor (i think he is allmotor on h-t as well?) new rhd k series teg! his style and flavor is one of a kind look for yourself!

figure i'd share a local guys art work with everyone ENJOY
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normally i not a fan of crazy ass colors, but that, being orange...i like it.
got anymore pics of it?
orange on purple. maybe it will look ok. either way. thats a clean DA

That shit is going to turn out real nice. I love RHD integras. He has that thang completely gutted and starting over from the frame and shell.

That orange is sick but idk about that purple.
Hey that engine is round da wrong way :)

Me likes!
im gay and i love to bone my car everday.
i also like the exhaust pipe up my ass.
K series, RHD, and funky PIMP colors man i love it tell ur home boy that str8 up JDM illness
sweet car !!!! gonna be a beast with that K engine in there too!!!
Come on more pics ....
that is as far as the build is right now. he is waiting on some sponsers for parts. it might be rolling for the local car show at the end of Jan but it will be close. Cain does some sick as work.
Fuck Cain!
1 - 20 of 47 Posts
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