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i switched from the stock zfr5 plug to the bkr6e-11 plugs thanks to keto after a few hundred miles i just pulled them out and i can see a very faint color of green. from a little searching i came up with coolant leaking in or a very hot combustion chamber .

i know its not a blown gasket the head was decked the block was clean used a new felpro gasket used non detergent on the bolts and torqued it once and again the next morning when it was cold before i started it.

so my question is should i go with a colder plug Bkr7e-11 or the bkr8e-11 not shure if autozone carries those

my setup
z6/z6 head
d16a6 pistons decked head estimated 10.2.1 compression
y8 mani
60mm ls tb i was thinking of switching it to a tapered y8 tb with no fast idle valve Should i?
cleaned up casting in the intake ports
3k miles on the build
airmass 4-2-1 headers
currently running a chipped p28 with stock p28 map i have a wideband hooked up runs a tad rich idle perfect on the highway and about 12-10.5 when i floor it
running a stock muffler with not even 2 inch piping from a 96-00 civic shortened to fit my hatch

i runs good easily pulls on my friends b7/a6 z6 mani mini me with ketos tuned map but i know it has a bit more in it

i am also working on a 35 hp wetshot with the fogger threaded under the tb where the fast idle valve used to be what would the recommened plug be for that.

a response would be appreciated

and just to let people know all the posts about me being a scammer are all cleared up :yes:
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