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I'm looking into boostin somewhat soon and here so far is what I've got.

DSM T-25
450CC Injectors
HF Mani
The parts above were given to me for free so I can't complain. Here are my main questions tho.
Could a DSM Downpipe be used or fabbed in anyway? Or would it be cheaper to just make one?

Is the SMIC even tho its free really be worth it? Everyone just says get a FMIC but thats just more money and I kind of like the idea of a side mount.

Also what is the going rate of a T-25 because I'm getting two of them but one needs rebuild. Just wondering if rebuilding it and selling it is worth it.

Thanks for help I'll definetly be posting pics as they come.

the hard-parker
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rebuilding the t-25 and reselling it is probably not going to be worth it. you'll probably get a few dollars just for selling it as is. i'd say check into rebuild kits to see what it would cost. if you're lucky, you can get 120-150 for a t25. there's guys that run sidemounts, but once you start getting into more boost, it's nice to have a fmic. if it were me, i'd just fab up a downpipe.
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