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Hey guy I've been searching but I haven't found a very detailed write on installing a new distributor and setting timing. I think this may be my probelm since I have not officially set the timing on my DPFI to MPFI swap can somebody write out explicit instructions or point me to a website or something. Your guys help would greatly be appreciated thanks


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  1. You need a timing light. Duh.
  2. Short your ECM/PCM using the SCS harness (the blue 2-wire plug near the ECM...either use a Honda SCS connector or put a piece of jumper wire into the plug) or a scan tool with an SCS option. This removes the ECM from the timing equation and allows you to set base timing i.e. BEFORE the ECM manipulates it according to engine conditions
  3. Attach your timing light according to the manufacturer's instructions, loosen the bolts on the distributor then snug them back up finger tight so it will only turn by hand, then start the engine.
  4. If you HAVE the timing specs in the manual and your gun is programmable, set the timing degress BTDC to the manual specs.
  5. If you DO NOT HAVE the timing specs from the manual OR your gun is not programmable, don't worry about the manual specs and continue with the procedure.
  6. Depending on your application, you will have the timing marks on your crank pulley OR your ring gear on the transmission. If your vehicle has the timing marks on the ring gear, there will be a view/access hole to the front of the transmission so you can see the marks. So assuming you have the marks on your crank pulley, provided it isn't too worn, there will be TWO SETS OF MARKS: one RED mark with another RED mark about an 1/8th of an inch on either side of it (represent +/- 2 degrees), and one WHITE mark all by itself.
  7. On your timing cover, there will be some kind of indicator to line up/reference the marks against. This indicator will be either a line, fingers/extensions or a combination of both to which you must line up the marks on the pulley during timing.
  8. If you DO NOT have the specs from the manual or your timing light is not programmable, the RED marks are what you use to set the base timing . Pull the trigger on your gun, watch the red mark as the light flashes and turn/adjust the distributor so that the red mark lines up with the indicator on the timing cover.
  9. If you DO have the specs from the manual and your timing light IS programmable, set your gun according to the specs in the manual via the gun manufacturer instructions, pull the trigger and turn/adjust the distributor until the WHITE mark lines up with the indicator on the timing cover.
  10. Once you have set the base timing this way, torque the bolts back up on the distributor to spec, shut the engine off, remove the SCS connector/jumper/scan tool then restart the engine and enjoy your newly base-timed powerplant :TU:
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