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set ( 4 ) of 16" rims with BfG G-Sport 205/40/16Z

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I have for 16" rims like this all in this condition. minor curbage on front 2 ( not from me ) 3 have bfgoodrich g-sport 205/40/16z tires with more than half the tread left. one tire needs to be replaced do to someone cutting it :cussing: i live in the roanoke, va are and will drive to meet 60 miles away for free.. and anything more depending on the mileage i will just charge for the gas i burn, no more. call or pm with offers or questions 434-444-2453 Daniel


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oh yea, make offers. no reasonable offer will be turned down
$200 For Anyone That Wants Them
i wish you were closer. i would take them off your hands. but......... TN owns me.
the TN border is like 2 1/2 3 hours away.. i would drive to the border on 81 or any interstate for you.. probably about $20 to drive there.. let me know i need the money. lol
i could possibly do it saturday, its also about a 3 hour drive for me to bristol. but ill let you know for sure tomorrow. im currently in school in huntsville. and that would be around a 5 hour drive, and i just dont have that kind of free time with classes and homework.
yea man i understand, just let me know
bump come on guys i need to pay these billss please
kinda interested. any more pics? and why is there a 40 series tire on there?
i can take more pictures if needed.. there is a 40 series tire on there b/c thats what comes with it. the thread says set ( 4 ) of 16" rims with BfG G-Sport 205/40/16Z
what's the reason for using a 40 series tire?
va represent! bump
bump for you.

If they were in 15's I'd be over them like white on rice.
lol my buddy has them in 15's. i wish he would trade me.. i would trade them for some like stock black 14" rims
1 - 20 of 20 Posts