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Sup peeps. as alot of you know i have a 92 si hatch with
a sohc zc v...

well anyways my car has been overheating for the past
week.. well i wouldnt say overheating. the reserve tank
starts to burst and i slowly lose coolant.. So i figured rad
cap? NOPE!. cracked radiator? NOPE!.....

I finally took some time to take a look at it and realised
my fan is not turning on. Even after running it for
about 30 minutes on the streets it wont turn on. So i
checked the plugs and they all looked fine. I was going
to run it straight but i want to do it legit and not mickey
mouse it...

another option was checking the thermostat to see if that could
be my issue. and right before i did i realized that the
in, but with one of the wires cut at the plug.

In other words theres two wires on the plug. one is black
and i think the other one is red?, not sure. but the black
one is cut right on the plug, so i cant re-wire...

Obviously im going to buy a new one with wire and re wire
it, but this is where my question comes in??.. Can this be
the reason why my fan is not turning on? it kind of makes
sense? sends the signal to the fan telling it that its hot?
and boom turns on???

I looked up the ect sensor but only pics and no explanations on
its causes..

Well thanks in advanced

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it can make your car run crappy too. the ecu has no idea what temp the car is and cant adjust fuel properly or to turn the fan on or anything.
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